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Theology and Religious Studies Research Guide

Free Online Databases

ARDA (Association of Religion and Data Archives)
Offers a collection of surveys, polls, and other data submitted by researchers, scholars, and research centers in the world.

Biblical Studies on the Web
Offers scholars a useful gateway to the exegesis on the WEB. It includes electronic version of Biblica (Pontifical Biblical Institute, Rome) and Filología Neotestamentaria (University of Córdoba)

The Catholic Portal
Provides access to rare, unique and/or uncommon materials in libraries, seminaries, special collections and archives

The Cooperative Digital Resources Initiative (CDRI)
Provides access to digital images of woodcuts, photographs, slides, papyri, coins, maps, postcards, manuscripts, lithographs, sermons, shape-note tune books, and various forms of Christian art, architecture, and iconography. 

Coptic Dictionary Online
Allows to look up Coptic words in all dialects and supply freely accessible translations in English, French and German.

Dart-Europe E-Theses Portal
Managed by the University College London Library. Offers discovery and delivery of over 100,000 open access, doctoral e-theses from a growing number of European countries.

Database of Religious History
World’s first comprehensive online quantitative and qualitative encyclopedia of religious cultural history. This database can be searched by name, author, religion, religious group, or place.

Digital Catholic Collection
Maintained by the Villanova University, this collection offers digital content of Catholic materials including books, journals, papers, and manuscripts dealing with the Roman Catholic Church in general, and in particular, works created or published in the Americas.

Information on this page is taken from the Open Access Digital Theological Library (OADTL)