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Aristotle Research Guide

This LibGuide is for the φιλαριστοτέλης!


These links contains background information for understanding Aristotle and his works from articles in encyclopedias (print and electronic).  The first two links are online encyclopedia articles (peer reviewed and open access) on Aristotle.


Biographical and Background Information (Electronic Sources)

The first link is to Diogenes Laërtius' Lives of the Eminent Philosophers (3rd Century A.D.) in Greek while the second link is an English translation of the Lives of the Eminent Philosophers.  The third link is an entry on Aristotle from the Suda (10th century A.D.) which contains the Byzantine Greek text and an English translation.

Understanding Aristotle . . . (print resources)

Understanding Aristotle . . . (electronic resources)

Biographical and Background Information (Greek Print Sources)

DVDS which Contain Aristotle's Works

Ask for these DVDs at the Circulation Desk.