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Aristotle Research Guide

This LibGuide is for the φιλαριστοτέλης!


This page lists commentaries and scholia on Aristotle's works.  As Aristotle's works were translated from Greek into Arabic, Latin, and English, commentaries and scholia were made in the various languages.  There are commentaries by Boethius, Averroes, Theophilos Korydalleus, Ioannes Karyophilles, Nikodemos, Peter Abelard, Saint Thomas Aquinas, and John Duns Scotus.   William of Moerbeke translated commentaries on Aristotle's works made by Alexander of Aphrodisia, Ammonius Hermiae, Themistius, John Philoponus, and Simplicius (2nd century to 6th century)All of the scholia and commentaries from the British Library are in Greek. 

Also included are the Scholia and Commentary on Aristotle from The British Library, Print Sources for Reading Scholia and Commentaries on Aristotle, and Online Commentaries on Aristotle.  Last, there is a section of select commentaries available in Mullen Library. 

Print Sources for Reading Scholia and Commentaries on Aristotle

Online Commentaries on Aristotle

Select Commentaries Available at Mullen Library