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QH - RM: Biomedical engineering

TJ: Mechanical engineering

TK: Electrical engineering (Vehicles) 

TK 7885 - TK 7895: Computer Science

TL: Mechanical engineering (Aircraft)

HD28-70: Management, industrial management

HD58.7-58.95: Organizational behavior, change and effectiveness, corporate culture

HD61: Risk in industry, risk management

T55.4-60.8: Industrial engineering, Management engineering

TA168: Systems engineering

TS155-194: Production management, operations research


GB: Physical geography (including Geomorphology and Hydrology) TA: Engineering (General). Civil engineering
GC: Oceanography TC: Hydraulic engineering. Ocean engineering
GE: Environmental Sciences (including Policy and Management) TD: Environmental technology. Sanitary engineering.
HE: Transportation and Communication TE: Highway engineering. Roads and pavements.
KF: US Law (including Construction and Environmental Law) TG: Bridge engineering
QH: Ecology (including Ecological risk assessment) TH: Building construction