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Plato Research Guide

This LibGuide is for the φιλοπλάτωνος!


This page lists some of the scholia and commentaries on Plato's works which are in Mullen Library's collection.   The left column contains select scholia while the right column contains select commentaries and a resource on Greek scholarship (discusses locating and understanding Greek scholia and commentaries).

Select Scholia Available at Mullen Library

The Academy of Plato

This image shows Plato (seated) talking to students at his academy.
© Trustees of the British Museum
 Object Type: Print
Materials: Paper
Techniques: Etching and Drypoint
Production Person: Print made by Salvator Rosa 
Date: 1662

Select Commentaries Available at Mullen Library

The commentaries are in English or English translations of commentaries in another language such as Latin; the language of the commentary is indicated in the description.

Print Sources for Reading Scholia and Commentaries on Plato