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Plato Research Guide

This LibGuide is for the φιλοπλάτωνος!

Research Guide

Need to find more reference titles covering your topic?

Plato Collection in Catholic University Libraries

The reference material on Πλάτων (Plato) is found in several locations: Religious Studies and Philosophy Library (B 351-B 399 non-circulating), Greek and Latin Reading Room (PA 3104, PA 3404-PA 3405, PA 3612, and PA 4279-PA 4333 non-circulating), and Stacks (B 355-B 399 and PA 4279-PA 4333).  Circulating material is found in the Mullen Library stacks. Check the WRLC catalog for monographs and journals that could be applicable to your topic. Check the CU’s e-journals for full text journal articles online.

Plato Subject Headings in the WRLC Classic Catalog

To search by "Subject Headings" in the WRLC Catalog (NOT the Discovery Catalog), type the following.  Then you will see the subject headings and can select a more specific subject heading, if desired, or select the broad subject heading for the results.  You can also type something else as long as "plato" precedes the word. Examples:




plato apology


plato bibliography


plato congresses 

Contributions in Metaphysics

plato contributions in metaphysics


plato ethics


plato theatetus


plato timaeus