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Thomas Aquinas Research Guide

Thomas Aquinas resources at the Catholic University of America


A Latin-English Dictionary of St. Thomas Aquinas: Based on the Summa Theologica and Selected Passages of His Other Works [BQ 6879 .D311]
This dictionary aids in the translation of the Summa Theologica. It is a smaller version of Deferrari's work, 'A Lexicon of St. Thomas Aquinas.' The original Lexicon provides examples, but this smaller version does not. However, this dictionary does have all the words and meanings as given in the Lexicon.

A Lexicon of St. Thomas Aquinas Based on the Summa Theologica and Selected Passages of his Other Works [BQ 6879 .D31]
Contributors: by Roy J. Deferrari and M. Inviolata Barry, with the technical collaboration of Ignatius McGuiness.

Thomas Aquinas Dictionary. With an introduction by Theodore E. James [BQ 6879 .S86 T4]
Based on Aquinas' Opera omnia (1882) and on two English translations by Joseph Rickaby Aquinas Ethicus and Of God and His Creatures."

Thomas Lexikon
Corpus Thomisticum.  This second edition work by Dr. Ludwig Schutz provides a detailed explanatation and examples of usage of key terms used thoughout the works of Thomas Aquinas.  The print version can be found in Room 314 [BQ 6879 .S39 1895a].