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Shakespeare Studies: General Research Guide

This LibGuide on Shakespeare Studies has general information. See also Shakespeare Studies: Performance.

Lewis Francois Roubiliac Working on Statue of William Shakespeare

The print shows Louis Francois Roubiliac working on a statue of William Shakespeare.
© Trustees of the British Museum
Object Type: Print
Materials: Paper
Techniques: Mezzotint
Production Person: After Adrien Carpentiers, Print made by David Martin
Date: 1765

Illustrations to Shakespeare: Antony and Cleopatra

The print shows Enobarbus and Thyreus from Antony and Cleopatra (Act 3, Scene 9).
© Trustees of the British Museum

Object Type: Print and Book-illustration

Materials: Paper
Techniques: Etching
Production Person: Print made by Kenny Meadows, Published by William S Orr & Co
Date: 1845


Information and Articles, Essays, Reviews, Study Guides, etc. on Shakespeare's Works

Renaissance and Elizabethan Period

The Renaissance and Elizabethan Period Section contains background information for understanding Shakespeare and his works.

Evaluating Web Resources

Since anyone can put anything on the web, you will need to evaluate what is high quality information and what is not. 

The following guides can assist you in evaluating web resources:


Authorship Debate