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Ebooks Guide

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can I download a Gale ebook to my Nook/Kindle/iPad/other mobile device?

All book articles are available as PDFs, which you can download to your computer, phone, or other device.


How long can I check out a Gale ebook?

Gale ebooks do not have a check-out period. Once you have downloaded something, you will be able to keep it indefinitely.


Where can I go for more information on Gale ebooks?

Click on the "More" link near the top right of the Gale website, then click the "Help" button.

Downloading from Gale

1. Locate the ebook you want in SearchBox and click the link. If you are off campus, you have to log in:


off-campus login




2. You will be taken directly to the book. Use the Table of Contents to navigate to the section you want to download.

a. If you want to download to your computer, click the "Download" button. You will be asked to choose one of the following options: Save to Google Drive, Save to OneDrive, PDF, or HTML.

b. If you want to download to your e-reader, click the "Download PDF to eReader" button.