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Ebooks Guide

Can I download an ebook to my iPad/Kindle/Nook/other mobile device?

Yes! It just depends on the ebook format and the type of e-reader or mobile device.


Let's start with the ebook format. After you find one of Catholic University Libraries' ebooks and click the link to access it, you will be taken to a platform. (Platform is library speak for a website.) Consult the chart below to find out which ebook formats are available on the various ebook platforms.

Cambridge Core    
Ebook Central  
Oxford Reference Library    
SAGE Knowledge    
Wiley Online Library  


HTML documents are best read in a web browser. EPUB and PDF documents can be read in free software or apps such as Adobe Digital Editions or Bluefire Reader. Which one you use depends on what kind of device you have.

Device Instructions
Android How do I download to my Android device?
iOS (iPhone, iPad or iPod touch) How do I download to my iOS device?
Kindle How do I download to my Kindle?
Kindle Fire How do I download to my Kindle Fire?