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Ebooks Guide

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can I download a Cambridge ebook to my Nook/Kindle/iPad/other mobile device?

You can download one chapter of a Cambridge ebook at a time in PDF. You can then use Adobe Digital Editions to transfer that PDF file to your mobile device. Click this link to view all the mobile devices, such as e-readers and smart phones, that are compatible with Adobe Digital Editions software.

Kindle users can transfer PDF files to their Kindle, but there are restrictions on file size. Check your Kindle user guide for more information.


How long can I check out a Cambridge ebook?

Cambridge ebooks do not have a checkout period. Once you have downloaded it, you will be able to keep it indefinitely.


Where can I go for more information on Cambridge ebooks?

Click here to download a user guide.

Downloading from Cambridge Core

1. Locate the e-book you want in SearchBox and click the link. If you are off campus, you have to log in:

off-campus login


2. You will be taken directly to the e-book's table of contents. Click the "Read PDF" link.


3. Click the floppy disk icon or hit Shift+Ctrl+S to save the chapter.


4. You can email or transfer the PDF to your Kindle. Download and install the free software program Adobe Digital Editions to transfer the PDF to other e-readers or mobile devices.