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Tests and Measures Research Guide

A guide to the major sources of information about standardized tests and measures for use in education, nursing, psychology, social work and sociology.

How to find the full-text of a test?

There are several possible ways to find the full-text of a test. It maybe was attached in a journal article by the author, or was provided as an appendix in a reference book. Please see below for different possibilities and the methods to locate it.

  • Tests in journal articles

Some journal articles include the test instrument that be discussed. Searching PsycINFO (or ERIC, if your topic is education or children related) may result some findings.

Sometimes, some books also include the full-text test instruments, check this database to see which book has the tests you want.

Please note: The links to "RefWorks' RefShare Interface" and "UT Arlington Web site" are not working any more, but you still can browse the section of "Collections examined". If you find an instrument you want, copy the book title and search it in our library's SearchBox to see whether our library has that book.

This online database also can help you to locate tests in books.

Input the test title or acronym in the search box. Record the book title, and go to our library catalog to search whether we have this book.