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Tests and Measures Research Guide

A guide to the major sources of information about standardized tests and measures for use in education, nursing, psychology, social work and sociology.


This guide is intended to serve as a starting point for exploring the variety of resources available in the Catholic University Libraries and online through the Libraries' subscriptions services. Comments and suggestions for additions are welcome.

Please note that while some of these titles may seem dated, they remain valuable sources of tests not available anywhere else.

General Information

This page provides background information on tests and measures. Information about finding general and specific types of tests and measures will be found on other pages of this guide. Use the tabs above to navigate.

Tests and Measures fall into two categories:

1) "Unpublished" tests, scales, questionnaires, and measures are those accessible to anyone, which makes them very useful for students. Some of the most common sources of these measures include: test compendia and compilation volumes, journal articles and other formats such as ERIC documents, which can be identified using databases such as Health and Psychosocial Instruments, ERIC, and PsycINFO), and the Educational Testing Service (ETS) Tests in Microform collection.

2) Tests that are copyrighted -- "published" -- are described and reviewed in the Mental Measurements Yearbook (see the "Starting Your Search" page). These published tests are also briefly listed on the  Buros Institute of Mental Measurements web site for quick reference. If a test appears in the MMY, there may be eligibility requirements for purchasing and administering a test (contact information is included in the MMY entry on each test).