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Philosophy Research Guide

Doing philosophical research at the Catholic University of America


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Kevin Gunn
314B Mullen Library

Philosophy Resources Handout

Overview of the Philosophy Collection

Below is the general outline for the Library of Congress call numbers for browsing areas in Philosophy.  General collection books in these areas can be found in the Mullen Library stacks, rooms 3A North and Center.  Print philosophy periodicals can be found in Mullen Library stacks, room 1 Center.  Floor map of Mullen Library; Map of Mullen Stacks. Many of our journals are available online.

Subject and individual philosopher bibliographies are spread through out the call number range, and in some cases, in different call number ranges.  Some examples: the primary texts of medieval philosophers such as Augustine and Aquinas can be found in the range BQ 5732-6889; philosophy of science can be found in the range Q 174-180. Your best bet: check the WRLC SearchBox at  for monographs and journals that could be applicable to your topic. Check the CU’s e-journals for full text journal articles online.

B 1-5739     Philosophy--general
B 108-708     Ancient
B 720-765     Medieval
B 770-785     Renaissance
B 790-5739     Modern
BC 1-199     Logic
BD 10-701     Speculative Philosophy
BD 10-41     General Philosophical Works
BD 95-131     Metaphysics
BD 143-236     Epistemology
BD 240-260     Methodology
BD 300-450     Ontology
BD 493-701     Cosmology
BH 1-301     Aesthetics
BJ 1-2195     Ethics. Social Usages. Etiquette
BJ 71-1185     History and Systems
BJ 1188-1295     Religious Ethics
BJ 1518-1697     Individual Ethics, Character, Virtue
BJ 1801-2195     Social usage, Etiquette


This guide is intended as a starting point for your research in philosophy. Choose from the tabs above to begin. Please contact me if you need further assistance. Other philosophy research guides: