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Philosophy Research Guide

Doing philosophical research at the Catholic University of America

Image of Thomas Aquinas

14th c Italian Gothic Painting
(1297 - c.1358)

Saint Thomas Aquinas.
Florence. Tuscany. Italy.
Avignon. Musée du Petit Palais.
©Kathleen Cohen

Finding Book Reviews


International Philosophical Bibliography

Select ‘Simple search’.
Type the title of the book.
Click ‘Search’.
One record will list all reviews for that book.

Philosopher’s Index

Select 'Advanced Search'. 
Scroll to 'Document Type' and select 'book review'.
Note:  book reviews from 1994 onward only.
Print available in 314 Mullen.

The International Aristotle Bibliography (IABO)

Perform title search.
Book reviews results tab will appear.

Index Philosophicus

This database contains citations from the Internationale Bibliographie der Rezensionen going back to 1983. The print is available from 1971-1983 in the 2nd floor Main Reading Room (Z5051 .I65).

Click 'Search.' Select 'Review of' from the pull down menu.

Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews

Timely book reviews from Gary Gutting and Anastasia Friel Gutting at the University of Notre Dame.



L'Année Philologique

Search for the title of the work.
Reviews will be listed in the record. 

Art Index

Choose ‘Art Index’ and/or ‘Art Retrospective’
Click ‘Book Review’ from ‘Document Type:’ pull-down menu.
Type text in ‘Find’ box.
Click ‘Start’.

ATLA Religion Database with ATLASerials

Type text in search box
Under ‘Publication Type’ click ‘Review’.
Click ‘Search’.

Catholic Periodical and Literature Index

Click on the ‘Advanced Search’ tab.
Type text in search box.
Under ‘Publication type’ select ‘Book Review’.
Click ‘Search’.

Literature Resource Center

Go to 'Advanced Search.'
Type text in 'Find' box. 
Under 'Document type,' select 'Book reviews' and hit 'Search.' 



Humanities International Complete

Go to Advanced Search
In the Find box: Type the title.
In the pull down menu: select ‘PS Reviews and Products’.
Click ‘Search’.

Academic Search Complete

Click on the ‘Advanced Search’ tab.
Type text in search box.
Under ‘Publication type’ select ‘Book Review’.
Click ‘Search’.


Click on ‘SEARCH’.
Click on ‘Advanced Search’.
Type text in ‘Search for:’ box.
Click box for ‘Reviews’’.
Click ‘Search.’

ProQuest Research Library

Click ‘Advanced Search’ tab.
Type search terms in the text boxes.
Select 'Review' under Document type.
Click ‘Start’.