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Augustine Research Guide

S. Augustinus

The engraving is of Saint Augustine, a Church Father and Patristic author.
© Trustees of the British Museum
Object Type: Print
Materials: Paper
Techniques: Engraving
Production Person: Print made by Theodoor van Merlen
Date: 1615-1672


This page lists print resources which aid in reading and understanding Saint Augustine in Latin and web resources pertaining to Saint Augustine. The Web Resources are organized into the following sections: Websites, Papal Documents Concerning Saint Augustine, and Other.

The left column contains the Web Resources: Websites, Web Resources: Papal Documents, and Associations and Societies for the Study of Saint Augustine while the right column contains Language Resources for Reading and Understanding Saint Augustine, Web Resources: Other, and Videos on Saint Augustine.

Web Resources: Websites

This section lists websites containing information on Saint Augustine and his writing as well as lists of translations, commentaries, books, papers, and articles on Saint Augustine.

Web Resources - Papal Documents Concerning Saint Augustine

The papal documents (Encyclical Letter, Apostolic Letter, and Audience) were written by Pope Pius XI, Pope John Paul II, and Pope Benedict XVI.

Associations and Societies for the Study of Saint Augustine

This section provides the websites for associations and societies of Saint Augustine as well as philosophy in general.

Language Resources for Reading and Understanding Saint Augustine

Web Resources: Other

This section provides the website for a center dedicated to the study of Saint Augustine, an English translation of Saint Possidius' Life of St. Augustine (available online), and a coin collection containing a coin depicting Saint Augustine.

Videos on Saint Augustine

Augustine [videorecording]: Late Have I Loved Thee. James J. O'Donnell (writer and narrator). Santa Fe, NM: Della Robbia Productions, 1992.

This videorecording is also available on J. O'Donnell's website, Augustine of Hippo.  To download the videorecording follow the directions under "Late Have I Loved Thee" (found on the Homepage).

Augustine of Hippo [videorecording]. Lisa Belcher Hamilton (producer/writer) and Linda Hanick (executive producer). The Trinity Television Collection. Worcester, PA: Vision Video, 2005.

St. Augustine’s Confessions [videorecording].  William R. Cook and Ronald B. Herzman (lecturers). Great Courses. Springfield, VA: Teaching, 2004.

Catholic University of America and Georgetown University (DVD)

St. Augustine [videorecording]: His Life & Spirituality. Fr. Benedict Groeschel and Eternal Word Network. Ft. Collins, CO: Ignatius Press, 2008.

George Mason University (VHS)