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Drama and Theater Research Guide

A guide to doing research in Drama and Theater at The Catholic University of America

Comedy & Tragedy Spectators

This satirical 1789 print depicts audience reactions to both comedic and tragic productions.

Comedy & Tragedy Spectators (Satirical Print)

© Trustees of the British Museum
Object Type: Satirical Print
Materials: Paper
Techniques: Hand-colored, etching
Production Person: Print made by Thomas Rowlandson. Published by S W Fores.
Production Place: London
Date: 1789

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Online Sources for Reviews

Print Sources for Reviews

Also Try...

When searching for reviews and production histories, it is helpful to try the following:

  • Biographies of the playwright
  • Critical editions of the play
  • Websites on the playwright or the play
  • Stage histories of particular plays or playwrights
  • Individual theatre companies

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