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Copyright and Beyond Research Guide

A copyright guide addressing plagiarism, fair use, open access, and citations for anyone in the CUA community.

Coordinator of Digital Scholarship

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Kevin Gunn
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Practical Books on Copyright

What Is Copyright?

Copyright protects creative works. However, the manner in which people protect and want their stuff used is changing. This guide will help readers (particularly undergraduate students) understand how copyright affects them as both user and creator. Guide visitors can also learn about new ways creators and users are sharing creative works fairly.

Get some introductory information on plagiarism and safe downloading. Use this is a starting point to start thinking about how copyright really can affect how you prepare assignments and enjoy music and videos online!

Click on the video below for a quick overview of copyright, fair use, and plagiarism on college campuses.

More Information

Want to learn more about copyright law? Here are some recent posts from to keep you updated.

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Downloading and Copyright

If you download music, a TV show, a movie, or anything else widely distributed online that you would typically be asked to pay for, be aware of copyright. Here are some alternatives to illegally downloading media, which you can access as a CUA student: