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English 101 Research Guide

English 101 First Year Experience

Journal Articles

If you know the title of the article you're searching for, or want to search by keyword, the easiest way to find what you need will be to use the SearchBox for Articles on the library homepage.


Journal articles can be found in many different sources and databases. The most relevant databases to search will vary based on what topic you are researching and what field you are writing in. For subject-specific database recommendations, look at a guide for your subject, or look through the full listing of databases you can access through CUA. The following databases are recommended as a good start in most fields:

Tips For Using Databases

When using the databases to locate articles, keep the following tips in mind:

Be sure to break your topic into relevant keywords instead of simply typing it into the search box. If your search returns a much bigger or smaller number of results than you anticipated, try revising your keywords.

You can use Boolean operators to broaden or narrow your search results. To find results about cats and dogs, use the search cats AND dogs. To find results about cats, but not dogs, use the search cats NOT dogs. To find results where either cats or dogs are mentioned, use the search cats OR dogs.

Spelling counts. Databases have keyword searching, but unlike Google, they won't correct your spelling for you.


To find out if CUA has access to a journal you're interested in, use the Journal Title Search link under the SearchBox for Articles on the library's homepage. On the result page, you'll see where you can access the journal through our subscriptions or print holdings. Make sure to check the dates before you go to a database to find a particular volume or issue. For many journals, like the example below, different databases provide access to different periods in the run of the journal.