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Medieval Philosophers Research Guide

A select list of Medieval Philosophers.

Medieval Philosophers

Meeting of doctors at the university of ParisMeeting of Doctors at the University of Paris
From a medieval manuscript of "Chants royaux". Bibliothèque Nationale, Paris.

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Prime Sources and Critical Editions

For texts in their original languages be sure to check Corpus Christianorum (BQ310 .C67 - BQ310 .C762) and  Sources Chretiennes (BQ315 .S7).  The latter provides introductions, commentary, and translation in French.  Both series are located in the Religious Studies and Philosophy Library. Other resources include but not limited to Patrologia Latina (also available in print), Patrologiae Graecae (also available in print), Library of Latin Texts, and Past Masters.  For more detailed description and features of these and other resources please check Critical and Standard Editions page of the Philosophy Guide.    

General Studies and Introductions

A Companion to Philosophy in the Middle Ages
Edited by Jorge J.E. Gracia and Timothy B. Noone. Malden, MA: Blackwell Pub., 2003. B721 .C54 2003 (Religious Studies/Philosophy Library, 3rd floor) 

Medieval Philosophers
Hackett, Jeremiah. Detroit: Gale Research, 1992. B721 .M45 1992 (Religious Studies/Philosophy Library, 3rd floor)

The Cambridge History of Medieval Philosophy
Edited by Robert Pasnau and Christina Van Dyke. Cambridge, UK; New York: Cambridge University Press, 2010. B721 .C355 2010 (Religious Studies/Philosophy Library, 3rd floor)

A short History of Medieval Philosophy
Weinberg, Julius Rudolf. Princeton, N.J.: Princeton University Press, 1964. B721. W42 S5. (Religious Studies/Philosophy Library, 3rd floor)

Early Medieval Philosophy (480-1150): An Introduction
Marenbon, John. London; New York: Routledge, 1988. B721 .M338 1988. (Stacks)

Later Medieval Philosophy (1150-1350): An Introduction
Marenbon, John. London; New York: Routledge & K. Paul, 1987. B721 .M339 1987 (Stacks)

The Cambridge History of Later Greek and Early Medieval Philosophy
Edited by A.H. Armstrong. London: Cambridge U.P., 1967. B171 .A73 C1. (Religious Studies/Philosophy Library, 3rd floor)

Historical Dictionary of Medieval Philosophy and Theology
Brown, Stephen F. Lanham, Md.: Scarecrow Press, 2007. B721 .B77 2007 (Religious Studies/Philosophy Library, 3rd floor) 

Subject Specific Bibliographies, Indices, and Abstracts

Albert the Great: A Selectively Annotated Bibliography (1900-2000)
Irven M. Resnick & Kenneth F. Kitchell, Jr. Tempe, Ariz.: Arizona Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies, 2004. T/P BQ 6338 .M6 Z97

International Medieval Bibliography and Bibliographie de Civilisation Médiévale
A citation index to the European Middle Ages (400-1500). The print version can be found in Room 316 Mullen. T/P CB 1 .I61.

A bibliographic database pertaining to the Middle Ages and Renaissance (400-1700)

L’Annee Philologique
Critical and analytical bibliography of Greek and Roman Antiquity.  Ancient Greek philosophers but also thinkers from late antiquity and the early Medieval period.  1924 - present.  Print version is available in 316 Mullen Library.  T/P PA 29 .A61