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Washington 101

This libguide is for the undergraduate students enrolled in the Washington 101 course at CUA. This course takes and interdisciplinary look at the past and present of Washington, D.C.

Lincoln Memorial at dusk, 2011

Lincoln memorial

[photograph by Sarah Rice Scott]

LOC call numbers: Literature, the arts, architecture

Subclass MT
MT955-956 Musical theater
MT960 Music in the theater

Subclass NA
NA4170-(7020) Public Buildings
NA9000-9428 Aesthetics of cities. City planning and beautifying

Subclass PN
PN1560-1590 The performing arts. Show business
PN1585-1589 Centers for the performing arts
PN2000-3307 Dramatic representation. The theater

Subclass PS
PS1-3576 American literature

LOC call numbers: Urban Studies

Subclass GF  Human ecology. Anthropogeography
GF125 Cities. Urban geography

Subclass HT Communities. Classes. Races
HT51-65 Human settlements. Communities
HT101-395 Urban groups. The city. Urban sociology
HT161-165 Garden cities. "The city beautiful"
HT165.5-169.9 City planning
HT170-178 Urban renewal. Urban redevelopment
HT201-221 City population Including children in cities, immigration
HT231 Effect of city life
HT321-325 The city as an economic factor. City promotion
HT330-334 Metropolitan areas
HT351-352 Suburban cities and towns
HT361-384 Urbanization. City and country
HT388 Regional economics. Space in economics
HT390-395 Regional planning
HV4005-4013 Immigrants
HV4023-4470.7 Poor in cities. Slums
HV4480-4630 Mendicancy. Vagabondism. Tramps. Homelessness

Washington 101

This libguide is for undergraduate students enrolled in the Washington 101 course at Catholic University. This course takes an interdisciplinary look at the past and present of Washington, D.C. The course draws on methods and insights from such fields of study as sociology, literature, economics, art and architectural history, media studies, anthropology, political science, and history.

Library of Congress Call Numbers & Helpful Search Terms

A note on call numbers...

On this page are some call number ranges that are relevant to the study of Washington, DC. Because this course is interdisciplinary in nature, there are wide range of subjects listed.

                                  Jefferson building                                    Interior of Jefferson Building, Library of Congress                                

[photograph by Sarah Rice Scott]

a note on helpful search terms...

Finding sources for this class will range greatly from political to the symbolic, requiring a creative approach to search terms. Here are some search terms to keep in mind as your search!

The symbolic

Monuments, Architecture, Museum, Theater, Art, Smithsonian, Public Space

The politcal

Democrat, Republican, Political Culture, Mayor, School Board, Home Rule, Capitol

Living (the life DC residents)

Neighborhoods, Neighborhood History, Demographics, Food, Local Theater, Urban Planning, Board of Trade

Another tip: familarize yourself with DC neighborhood names (U streets, Adams Morgan, Brookland, Petworth, for example)

LOC call numbers: History & Politics

Class F United States local history
F191-205 District of Columbia. Washington
F221-235 Virginia F176-190 Maryland

Class E (151-889) United States history
E183-183.3 Political history
E183.7-183.9 Diplomatic history. Foreign and general relations.
E184.5-185.98 Afro-Americans
E185.2-185.89 Status and development since emancipation
E185.96-185.98 Biography. Genealogy
E302 Collected works of American statemen
E302.1 Political history
E302.5-302.6 Biography (Late eighteenth century)

Subclass J General legislative and executive papers
J80-87  United States
J80-82  Presidents' messages and other executive papers

Subclass JK Political institutions and public administration(United States)
JK404-1685 Government. Public administration
JK501-868 Executive branch
JK631-868 Civil Service. Departments and agencies
JK1012-1432 Congress. Legislative branch
JK1154-1276 Senate
JK1308-1432 House of Representatives
JK1606-1683 Capital. Public buildings. Government property. Government purchasing
JK1717-2217 Political rights. Practical politics
JK1758-1761 Citizenship
JK1846-1929 Suffrage
JK1965-2217 Electoral system
JK2255-2391 Political parties

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