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Politics Research Guide

This libguide will get you started with your Politics research.


Intel websites (and other related sites)

AFIO’s guide to study of intelligence (Association of Former Intelligence Officers)

AFIO’s guide to intelligence careers

BYU’s Kennedy Center – lecture archive

Church Committee reports

Center for the Study of Intelligence – books, and monographs

CIA historical collections of released documents – see also left side menu

CIA documents – Freedom of Information Act search (scroll down for more document collections)

CIA histories

CIA – recommended readings (from a CIA page that no longer can be found)

Congressional reports (Church Committee, 9/11, Iraq WMD, etc., even Rockefeller Commission)

Counterintelligence Review – from Patrick Henry College

CryptoCellar – Cryptology and History

Extraordinary Fidelity – and other CIA videos on YouTube

Federation of American Scientists government secrecy issue – see intel links

Federation of American Scientists – Intelligence Threat Assessments

Foreign Service Oral History Collection

H-Intel on H-net

IAFIE – links to journals and sites  (International Association for Intelligence Education)

IJIC index (International Journal of Intelligence and Counterintelligence) from 1986 to 2003

INS index  (Intelligence and National Security)

Intel bibliography – J. Ransom Clark at Muskingum (a marvelous resource!)

Intel News – allegedly by and for experts—often interesting

International Intelligence History Association (Germany)

International Spy Museum

Landscapes of Secrecy 2011 conference (many audio presentations)

Latitude and Longitude of a Point - occasionally handy in research

Loyola University Strategic Intelligence site

National Security Archive (GWU)

National Security Archive – declassified docs in “briefing books”

New York Public Library – digital collections

OSS - US Army Special Operations Command site

OSS and SSU records – NARA

OSS personnel roster – NARA

Political Graveyard

Presidential Oral History project – Miller Center, UVA

SSCI majority and minority RDI reports (the minority report starts on page 549 of the pdf, page 520 of the printed version)

See also CIA’s response to majority SSCI report

Senate Select Committee on Intelligence – reports page

Special Forces Roll of Honour – includes CIA paramilitary

State Department Historian and FRUS

Studies in Intelligence, archive, with indexes by author, title, and subject