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English Language and Literature Research Guide

Essential resources for the study of the English language and literature

Alice's Evidence / Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

The print depicts Alice; Lewis Carroll is the author of Alice in Wonderland.
© Trustees of the British Museum
Object Type: Print and Book-Illustration
Materials: Paper
Techniques: Wood-Engraving
Production Person: Block cut by Dalziel Brothers After Sir Jhn Tenniel
Date: 1865

Print Study / Drawing

The drawing depicts a portrait of Elizabeth Barrett Browning, a poet.  Collections of her works include The Battle of Marathon: A Poem, Auora Leigh, Poems Before Congress, and Last Poems.
© Trustees of the British Museum
Object Type: Print Study and Drawing
Materials: Paper
Techniques: Drawn
Production Person: Drawn by Rudolf Lehmann
Date: 1859

Finding Book Reviews

New York Times Book Reviews

For reviews in back issues of the NY Times, check Proquest Research Library.

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