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Math Research Guide

Finding Books & Ebooks

Search the WRLC Catalog to find books that we have here at Catholic University, online (e-books), and within the WRLC. If a book is located at another school in the WRLC, click on the post-it picture "Request through Consortium Loan Services" to have it sent here for your use.

If the book you want isn't available in the catalog you can submit an Interlibrary Loan request. Put the citation into the form or try searching for it in OCLC WorldCat

Reading about Math!

Browse Books

The Library of Congress call number system can be used to browse books in the stacks, or in the library Searchbox. To browse in Searchbox, choose Advanced Search, then Browse Search by Call Number.

QA 1-939 Mathematics
  1-43 General
  9-10.3 Mathematical Logic
  11-14 Study and Teaching, Research
  16-20 Special Teaching Methods and Aids
  21-35 History
  36-39 General Works
  40 Handbooks, Manuals, etc.
  47-59 Tables
  71-90 Instruments and Machines
  73 Slide Rules
  75-76.95 Calculating Machines
  75.5-76.95 Electronic Computers, Computer Science
  76.75-76.765 Computer Software
  99 Miscellany and Curiosa
  101-145 Elementary Mathematics, Arithmetic
  150-272.5 Algebra
  184-205 Linear and Multilinear Algebra, Matrices
  211-218 Theory of Equations
  273-274.76 Probabilities
  276-280 Mathematical Analysis
  297-299.4 Numerical Analysis
  299.6-433 Analysis
  303-316 Calculus
  319-329 Functional Analysis
  331-355 Theory of Functions
  370-387 Differential Equations
  440-699 Geometry
  451-469 Elementary Geometry
  501-521 Descriptive Geometry
  531-538 Trigonometry
  551-563 Analytic Geometry
  564-581 Algebraic Geometry
  601-608 Transformations, Correspondences, and
General Methods for Algebraic Configurations
  611-614 Topology
  615-640 Infinitesimal Geometry
  641-660 Projective Differential Geometry
  801-939 Analytic Mechanics