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Music Research Guide

Browsing the Shelf

Use the Library of Congress Classification System to help you navigate the stacks!  All of our Music items (including books, scores, CDs, and more) are located on the first floor of Mullen Library, in Stacks 1 North.

Subclass M - Scores Subclasses ML and MT - Music Literature
  • M2: Monuments, sources, reprints, etc. 
  • M3: Complete and collected works of individual composers
  • M5-M1450: instrumental music 
    • M6-M175: solo instrument 
      • M20: piano 
      • ​M40: stringed instruments 
      • M60: wind instruments 
    • M177: duos 
    • M300: trios 
    • M400-900: quartets-nonets 
    • M1000: orchestral, band, etc. 
  • M1495-M2199: vocal music 
    • M1497-M1998: secular 
      • M1500: dramatic (opera)
      • M1528: choral 
      • M1611: songs for one voice 
      • M1627: special songs (including folk)
    • M1999-M2199: sacred 
      • M2000: oratorios, masses, services, etc. 
      • M2018: cantatas, anthems, part-songs, etc. 
      • M2115: hymn, psalm, choral books 
      • M2147: liturgy and ritual
  • ML13: Almanacs, directories, etc. 
  • ML48: librettos
  • ML50: librettos 
  • ML55: essays, papers, addresses, etc. 
  • ML86: portraits, pictorial works 
  • ML90: writings on musicians 
  • ML93: manuscripts, autographs, facsimiles 
    • ML96.5: facsimiles of composers' works 
  • ML100: dictionaries, encyclopedias 
  • ML111: bibliography 
    • ML128: by topic (e.g., ML128.S-, string music) 
    • ML134: by composer 
  • ML159: history and criticism 
    • ML162: by chronological period 
    • ML200: by country 
    • ML385: by composer (i.e., biography) 
  • ML410: biographies of composers 
  • ML460: instruments and instrumental music 
  • ML1400: vocal music 
  • ML3781: national (i.e., "folk") music 
  • ML3800: philosophy and physics 
    • ML3805: acoustics and physics 
    • ML3845: aesthetics and aesthetic criticism 
  • MT2: history and criticism of theory 
  • MT6-MT950: instruction and study 
    • MT6: general, including appreciation of music 
    • MT40: composition 
    • MT70: orchestration 
    • MT90: analytic guides to music 
    • MT170: instrumental techniques 
    • MT820: singing and voice culture

Online Scores

Special Collections

These collections are housed in closed stacks (except for the Dom Mocquereau Chant Microfilm Collection, which is located in the Microform Area). Because these collections contain material segregated from the general collection due to ephemeral nature, rarity, size, or other conditions, items within them cannot be found using SearchBox.