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Tornado Machines and Trans-Pacific Relations: The Life and Work of Dr. C.C. Chang


A monoplane designed by Chieh Chien Chang and Yin Wenyou. Tsinghua University’s Grand Auditorum is in the background.
A Monoplane Designed by Chieh-Chien Chang

Creator: Tsinghua University.
Contributor: Atlas Xu.
Collection: The Life and Work of Dr. C.C. Chang
Source: Wikimedia Commons

How does a village kid, who became a student at a warlord-funded university, a student refugee of the Japanese invasion of China and an aeronautical engineer during the Second World War, grow up to be a world-class scientist at the Catholic University of America in the 1960s and 70s?
The life and work of Dr. C.C. Chang invite an examination of an extraordinary member of the Catholic University community and a trans-Pacific world shaped by Chinese American scholars. This exhibit recaptures his scientific innovations, unique immigration experience, personal negotiation of political allegiance, and the role he played in the history of US-China relations.