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Special Collections - Civil War Resources

This guide highlights the Civil War collections of the American Catholic History Research Center and University Archives.

NMC 622 - Picture, Father Cooney's Mass

Picture of Father Cooney's Military Field Mass, during the Civil War of 1861-1865. Father Cooney was a member of Congregation of the Holy Cross C.S.C.

Donor: E. W. J. Lindesmith

Documentation: Card has reference to a magazine article and information about the picture said to be coming for Sr. Mary Leonette of Oldenburg; Catholic University Museum Accession Register.

NMC 2065 - Sword

Sword with scabbard. Label on the scabbard states, "U.S. 1861, Civil War? Provenance unknown."

Donor: Identified either as Fr. Lindesmith or Rev. Mother Butin

Documentation: Catholic University Museum Accession Register.